Section 1. Short title
Section 2. Definitions
Section 3. Department of public service
Section 3-A. Transfer of lands
Section 4. The public service commission
Section 4-B. Removals
Section 5. Jurisdiction, powers and duties of public service commission
Section 5-B. Corporations subject to chapter although not transacting business
Section 5-E. Jurisdiction of commission over certain corporations, their operations and facilities
Section 7. Organization and records; minutes as evidence; destruction of certain records
Section 8. Additional officers and employees
Section 9. Oath of office; eligibility of commissioners and officers
Section 10. Offices of commission; meeting; stationery, et cetera
Section 11. Quorum; powers of a commissioner
Section 12. Counsel to the commission; duties
Section 13. Expenses
Section 14. Payment of salaries and expenses
Section 15. Certain acts prohibited
Section 16. Reports of commission
Section 17. Certified copies of papers filed to be evidence
Section 18-A. Costs and expenses of the commission and department and the assessment of such costs and expenses
Section 18-C. Refunds by the commission
Section 19. Attendance of witnesses and their fees
Section 20. Practice before the commission; immunity of witnesses
Section 21. Court proceedings; preferences
Section 22. Rehearing before commission
Section 23. Service and effect of orders; stay
Section 24. Action to recover penalties or forfeitures
Section 24-A. 1
Section 24-B. Notice to be given Long Island power authority prior to rate increase
Section 25. Penalties
Section 26. Enforcement proceedings