Section 200. Short title
Section 201. Definitions
Section 202. Covered employer
Section 203. Employees eligible for benefits under section two hundred four
Section 204. Disability during employment
Section 205. Disabilities and disability periods for which benefits are not payable
Section 206. Non-duplication of benefits
Section 207. Disability while unemployed
Section 208. Payment of disability benefits
Section 209. Contribution of employees for disability benefits
Section 210. Employer contributions
Section 211. Provision for payment of benefits
Section 212. Voluntary coverage
Section 213. Non-compliance or default
Section 214. Special fund for disability benefits
Section 215. Commissioner of taxation and finance custodian of fund
Section 216. Disposition of uncommitted balance of employees' contributions
Section 217. Notice and proof of claim
Section 218. Disability benefit rights inalienable
Section 219. Enforcement of payment in default
Section 220. Penalties
Section 221. Determination of contested claims for disability benefits
Section 222. Technical rules of evidence or procedure not required
Section 223. Modification of board decisions or orders
Section 224. Appeals
Section 225. Fees for representing employees
Section 226. The insurance contract
Section 227. Actionable injuries; subrogation
Section 228. Administrative expenses
Section 229. Posting of notice and providing of notice of rights
Section 230. Destruction of records
Section 231. Subpoenas
Section 232. Fees of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, dentists and psychologists
Section 233. Inspection of records of employers
Section 234. Disclosures prohibited
Section 235. Exemptions
Section 236. Disposition of accrued benefits upon death
Section 237. Reimbursement for advance payments by employers
Section 238. Payments to minors
Section 239. Representation before the board
Section 240. Non-liability of state
Section 241. Application of other provisions of chapter
Section 242. Separability of provisions