Section 1301. Definitions In this article: 1
Section 1302. Kinds of property This article is not applicable to any interest in real property in this state owned by a decedent, but his owner ship of an interest in real property shall not prevent the use of this article in administering his personal property
Section 1303. Persons who may become a voluntary administrator
Section 1304. Summary procedure 1
Section 1305. Discharge of debtor, transfer agent, safe deposit company, bank, trust company or other person The delivery by a voluntary administrator to a debtor, transfer agent, safe deposit company, bank, trust company or other person holding or having custody or possession or control of any personal property of the decedent, of the short form certificate of the court, the receipt of the administrator, and the surrender of any evidentiary document, shall constitute a complete release and discharge for any payment of money or delivery of personal property made pursuant to the certificate, without such person being required to see to the application thereof and with the same effect as if made to any duly appointed fiduciary
Section 1306. Powers 1
Section 1307. Duties A voluntary administrator shall 1
Section 1308. Liability of voluntary administrator collecting assets 1
Section 1309. General provisions 1
Section 1310. Payment of certain debts without administration 1
Section 1311. Administration of funds payable under social security act of the United States, the unemployment insurance law and the workmen's compensation law
Section 1312. Construction This article is remedial and shall be given a liberal construction