Section 64. Application of article
Section 65. Safe and adequate service; just and reasonable charges; unjust discrimination; unreasonable preference; protection of privacy
Section 65-A. Notification to social services officials
Section 65-B. Service to persons applying for or receiving public assistance, supplemental security income benefits or additional state payments
Section 66. General powers of commission in respect to gas and electricity
Section 66-A. Conservation of gas, declaration of policy, delegation of power
Section 66-B. Continuation of gas service
Section 66-C. Conservation of energy
Section 66-D. Contract carrier authorization
Section 66-E. Monitoring of natural gas procurement
Section 66-F. Purchase and procurement of natural gas at lowest available price
Section 66-G. Sale of indigenous natural gas for generation of electricity
Section 66-H. Certain electric corporations; payment equivalent to tax
Section 66-J. Net energy metering for residential solar, farm waste, non-residential solar electric generating systems, micro-combined heat and power generating equipment, or fuel cell electric generating equipment
Section 66-K. Allowance credit trading or sales
Section 66-L. Net energy metering for residential, farm service and non-residential wind electric generating systems
Section 67. Inspection of gas and electric meters
Section 67-A. Charges for past services
Section 68. Approval of incorporation and franchises; certificate
Section 68-A. Statements of nature and extent of interests to be filed upon request
Section 69. Approval of issues of stock, bonds and other forms of indebtedness; approval of mergers or consolidations
Section 69-A. Reorganizations
Section 70. Transfer of franchises or stocks
Section 71. Complaints as to quality and price of gas and electricity; investigation by commission; forms of complaints
Section 72. Notice and hearing; order fixing price of gas or electricity or requiring improvement
Section 72-A. Increased fuel costs
Section 75. Defense in case of excessive charges for gas or electricity
Section 76. Rates charged veteran organizations, religious bodies and community residences
Section 77. Powers of local officers