Section 185. Short title; purpose of article
Section 186. Definitions
Section 187. Local option
Section 188. Local laws and ordinances
Section 188-A. Powers and duties of the board
Section 189. Restrictions upon conduct of games of chance
Section 189-A. Authorized supplier of games of chance equipment
Section 189-B. Declaration of state's exemption from operation of provisions of 15 U
Section 189-C. Legal shipments of gaming devices into New York state
Section 190. Application for license
Section 190-A. Raffles; license not required
Section 191. Investigation; matters to be determined; issuance of license; fees; duration of license
Section 192. Hearing; amendment of license
Section 193. Form and contents of license; display of license
Section 194. Control and supervision; suspension of identification numbers and licenses; inspection of premises
Section 195. Sunday; conduct of games on
Section 195-A. Participation by persons under eighteen
Section 195-B. Frequency of games
Section 195-C. 1
Section 195-D. Charge for admission and participation; amount of prizes; award of prizes
Section 195-E. Advertising games
Section 195-F. Statement of receipts, expenses; additional license fees
Section 195-G. Examination of books and records; examination of officers and employees; disclosure of information
Section 195-H. Appeals from the decision of an officer, clerk or department to board
Section 195-I. Exemption from prosecution
Section 195-J. Offenses; forfeiture of license; ineligibility to apply for license
Section 195-K. Unlawful games of chance
Section 195-L. Article inoperative until adopted by voters
Section 195-M. Amendment and repeal of local laws and ordinances
Section 195-N. Manufacturers of bell jars; reports and records
Section 195-O. Distributor of bell jars; reports and records
Section 195-P. Transfer restrictions
Section 195-Q. Bell jar compliance and enforcement
Section 195-R. Severability