Section 475. Short title; purpose of article
Section 476. Definitions
Section 477. Local option
Section 478. Local laws and ordinances
Section 479. Restrictions upon conduct of bingo games
Section 480. Application for license
Section 481. Investigation; matters to be determined; issuance of license; fees; duration of license
Section 482. Hearing; amendment of license
Section 483. Form and contents of license; display of license
Section 484. Control and supervision; suspension of licenses; inspection of premises
Section 485. Sunday; conduct of games on
Section 486. Participation by persons under eighteen
Section 487. Frequency of game; sale of alcoholic beverages
Section 488. Persons operating and conducting games; equipment; expenses; compensation
Section 489. Charge for admission and participation; amount of prizes; award of prizes
Section 490. Advertising of bingo games
Section 491. Statement of receipts, expenses; additional license fees
Section 492. Examination of books and records; examination of managers, etc
Section 493. Appeals from municipal governing body to control commission
Section 494. Exemption from prosecution
Section 495. Offenses; forfeiture of license; ineligibility to apply for license
Section 495-A. Unlawful bingo or game
Section 496. Article inoperative until adopted by voters
Section 497. Amendment and repeal of local laws and ordinances
Section 498. Delegation of authority
Section 498-A. Powers and duties of mayors or managers of certain cities
Section 499. Severability