Section 8-804. Civil cause of action  

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  • Where there has been a violation of
      subdivision (a) of section 8-803, any person whose ability to  access  a
      reproductive  health  care  facility  has  been interfered with, and any
      owner or operator of a reproductive health care facility or owner  of  a
      building  in  which such a facility is located, may bring a civil action
      in any court of competent jurisdiction for any or all of  the  following
        1. injunctive relief;
        2.  treble  the  amount of actual damages suffered as a result of such
      violation, including where applicable, damages for  pain  and  suffering
      and  emotional  distress,  or  damages  in  the  amount of five thousand
      dollars, whichever is greater; and
        3. attorneys' fees and costs.