Section 17-366. Proof of vaccination required  

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  • No dog shall be accepted at a
      boarding kennel, business or establishment unless the owner of such  dog
      provides  proof  to such facility, including but not limited to a health
      certificate,  a  bill  or  receipt  from   a   veterinarian   or   other
      documentation  acceptable  to  the department, that such animal has been
      vaccinated against rabies,  distemper,  hepatitis,  para  influenza  and
      parvo  during the previous three years and against bordetella during the
      previous six months; provided that an  owner  of  a  dog  shall  not  be
      required  to  provide  proof  of vaccination pursuant to this section if
      such owner provides a written statement from a  veterinarian  indicating
      that  the dog of such owner should not be given such vaccination because
      of a standard veterinary contraindication and that  such  dog  does  not
      show  symptoms  of the disease or diseases for which such vaccination is