Section 17-182. City-funded public hospitals and health facilities required to utilize peace officers  

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  • a. Any corporation of government, the expenses of which  are  paid  in
      whole  or  in  part  from  the  city treasury, which provides health and
      medical services and operates health facilities and which is  authorized
      to employ special officers having peace officer status as defined in New
      York  Criminal  Procedure  Law  § 2.10(40), shall utilize peace officers
      appointed pursuant to said subdivision to perform the duties of  special
      officer,  senior  special  officer  and  hospital  security officer. The
      commissioner of the  department  of  health  and  mental  hygiene  shall
      enforce this requirement.
        b.  Any  person,  including but not limited to any labor organization,
      claiming to be aggrieved by a violation of subdivision a of this section
      shall have a cause of action in any court of competent jurisdiction  for
      damages,  including punitive damages, and for injunctive relief and such
      other remedies as may be appropriate.